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We can’t wait for your session! Here are a few thoughts to help you prep for your session:


*Please be on time. We schedule your session in the evening so we have the best light for a great session. If we’re late we’ll run out of light. I also have scheduled your session so there’s plenty of time to change & still chat to get to know each other. I want you to enjoy your session!

*Yes, mom or dad are welcome to come along. Or sisters. Let us know if you’d like to grab one or two shots with a special loved one.

*If you paint your nails, make sure they have plenty of time to dry before your session. Chipped nail paint will show up and distract from you. We love neutral nails because it will work with all of your different outfits, but if you have cool or bright nail polish that fits your styled session & you have your heart set on it then feel free to run it by us.

*Well-done make-up is one of the best preperations you can do for your session. It will even out your skin tones & give your images an extra pop. Great make-up illuminates your skin and lets the light bounce off your skin so that the camera doesn’t pick-up blemishes. Then how I use light during your session in a soft, beautiful way along with how I edit the images will do the rest of the job so your skin is looking it’s best. Once again, you can look to a talented make-up artist ~ let me know if you want a referral. Note that unless otherwise discussed, keep your eyes bright, especially underneath the eyes. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, we suggest you do for your session. Please bring make-up & any lip stick you use along to your session in the case you need a touch-up. We can touch up any summer shine during the session with translucent powder.

*We do edit all of your proof images & retouch any images you order in prints & announcements, ect, So between make-up & how we shoot & edit, please don’t be concerned about minor breakouts. We have you covered!

*Don’t make any drastic changes to your hair or dying your hair around your session date.

*If your lips and hands are dry and chapped, don’t forget a little chap stick and hand lotion.

*Be careful of getting tan lines before your session. Tan lines can be a distraction in your images. Also avoid over-tanning before your session as we want your skin to look beautiful & natural, not orange and leathery.

*We try our best not to cancel sessions. Weather can be unpredictable and even days that look rainy can turn into sun at the time of the session. Also by embracing the elements (rain, for example) we can get some pretty epic shots! Clouds can give a unique feel to images as well. We do guarantee your session so we can always schedule an additional session.