The thing that impressed me the most was how you described both girls’ personalities perfectly!

If an image is worth a thousand words, than images & words working their magic together is priceless. That’s what my past clients who now have custom storybooks tell me, anyways! After enjoying her granddaughter’s album for a month, Joan told me: “the thing that impressed me the most was how you described both girl’s personalities perfectly!”

My clients share their storybooks with friends & family in their homes, they buy extra copies for grandparents and aunts & uncles, they take them to work to share with their boss & co-workers. Everyone who gets a little glimpse of their family says the same thing: “I want someone to do this for my family!”

Do you want a custom storybook starring your family or wedding or business? Commission a Story or Novel session. I can’t wait to carefully craft your personal story by image & word!
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