Together like peanut butter & jelly, salt & pepper, Batman & Robin, milk & cookies, peas-in-a-pod, sand & sea…the girls stood on tippy-toes, shoulder-by-shoulder to look through the chain-link fence down onto the seals. They enjoyed watching the family of seals first cuddling-up with each other on their rocks, talking to each other, nuzzling. But in an instant, one seal upset another and the cave was an uproar of grumpy, angry, barking seals. It was easy to see that the dynamics in a seal family isn’t that different from the family I grew-up in, or from the blonde & brown-haired little girls who stood watching the seals already nosing each other again after the fiasco. I suppose the easiest way to explain the barking that happens amongst family is that as much as sisters are alike, they’re different.

Alyssa is a bookworm and a scrapbooker and an inquisitive scientist. Alexis would rather play her DS, ride skateboard or kick a ball around. Blonde & brown-haired…they are obviously each their own unique person. And we love that about them! Regardless of their differences, they spend hours and hours together. They write & perform plays, they draw & complete craft projects, they read, they play DS together & sometimes they even clean their room together. On our summer vacation they curled-up in our cabin in Summer Lake watching movies. They raced off to the beach the moment we arrived in Netarts, OR, to look for sea shells to place in their shared bucket. They also built one large sand castle with a large rock on top (this was decided after a few barks of discussion, of course) & with a moat that I like to think stood between them & the world of growing-up & getting too old for sandy dreams.

So when we came across the driftwood fort, we continued with the same sense of adventure that took us miles & miles across Oregon. The fort begged us to go on a special evening of adventure! The girls let their imagination play and Alyssa dressed-up as the ‘princess’ while Alexis played ‘pirate’–sword & hat included! They dished-up homemade clam chowder that was warming in the coals of the campfire their dad made & then finished the evening of pirate adventure with smores.

-two sisters enjoying sand & sea.

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