Time flys so quickly! I can barely believe it’s already been a year since the last time we were enjoying this crisp weather, sipping cider & throwing leaves at each other! Isn’t it amazing how quickly life changes?! I think each fall the leaves change color to remind us that change is beautiful & important to cherish.

A year ago, Ashley, Whitney & Hailey were throwing leaves of many colors at each other, cuddling and giggling. Yes, giggling is a staple everytime we hang-out! They adore each other, they love on their mama & they come to each of their mini sessions ready to PLAY! (my type of kids!)  They also fought over who would ride in the front of the little red wagon & traded pumpkins back and forth.

This year, Whitney & Hailey were flower girls in their mother’s wedding a few short weeks ago. Isn’t it crazy the changes life brings in just a year!? Now their favorite thing in pictures include Ashley & her new husband, Brandon, swinging Whitney or Hailey between them. And both girls think walking on Brandon’s boots and riding piggy-back are pretty great too! This year is great!

But with beautiful change comes such a gratefulness for reminders of the past. This month Ashley will be adding wedding pictures to her walls because it’s important to keep living, keep laughing, and keep documenting all of life’s changes. But, last year was awesome too. Last year was about mama & her beautiful ladies. Ashley has beautiful wall art of her ladies on her wall at home thanks to last year’s laughter & leaves. With change, those memories of laughter & leaves have only grown more important, more meaningful, more treasured.

We’d love to help document your family’s changes, life, laugther this fall!


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