Instead of doing household jobs my mom had assigned me, I would hide with a book. You see… wandering Bridal Veil path & dreaming of our future husbands with Anne of Green Gables was much more romantic than pulling weeds. Racing the black stallion with Alec was an adventure better than cleaning stalls. I also became fast friends with the box car children & in college took up a wand to fight along side Harry Potter.

I still read, only now my stories aren’t limited to pages of books or my kindle. Now, the characters in my favorite stories are my fotoNovella clients. I follow lovers down paths, I chase kids and their horse’s across pastures, and I often wish for an Harry Potter’s invisible cloak so I could tell their stories as true to life as possible. After our adventures I retell those stories with camera & pen.

Sessions with fotoNovella are about telling your story. We would love to get to know your story and help you share your story with your family & friends.

We look forward to helping tell your story!

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