Seeing coachella images all over the web this last week has got us dreaming back to our coachella-inspired LMTD Edition Senior Kick-off Concert! There’s just something about the laid-back, dreamy feel of the bohemian that we can’t get enough of! So that is exactly why a few years ago we decided to bring coachella to our seniors here in Eastern Oregon.

Our seniors had help styling their clothes, had their make-up & hair done to fit the bohemian setting (think flower crowns, flowy dresses & floppy hats). The Dayton family drove everyone out to the middle of the desert in their VW van to the concert location. We made flower crowns, got body art by the talented artist Brandi Dayton & crooned along with our student musicians: David, Emily, Abigail & Abbi.  The Jaime Nasario & her Band shared their talent to energy-charge our seniors.

We danced & ate watermelon popcicles & threw confetti & let our hearts be wild for the evening. These wild-hearted, fun-loving, friend-making, dancing, singing seniors will forever have a piece of my hippie-heart!

If you are an adventure-lover and will be graduating in 2017…we invite you to apply to be apart of this years LMTD EDITION SENIORS. Apply here by Sunday, May 7th. We can’t wait to reveal this year’s concert theme 🙂