Brave, curious, smiles…these girls are all expression! All adventure. Last year’s Easter short-story session was the first time I met Avery & Zoey. And as you’ll see by their sweet, adorable story below, they made my life easy! Carefully petting the sweet chicks, giggles when the bunnies tickled their bare toes & surprised when the baby lamb baa-ed at them…Avery & Zoey made friends with all the baby animals!

& I made friends with two adorable girls! 🙂 Over the past year, Avery & Zoey & I have hung out for seven more sessions including their first birthday, playing in the park with their cousins, splashing at the water park, throwing fall leaves, spending mother’s day with their great grandma, playing in the snow & a few Starbucks dates, of course! (Starbucks straws provide the girls hours of entertainment & their mom & I love the coffee).

Avery & Zoey: I can’t wait to introduce you to all our little animal friends next week! I know you’re going to hit it off with the bunnies, chicks & lambs FAMOUSLY!

From Avery & Zoey’s mom, Karen:

Easter short-story sessions are our favorite. The animals are patient with our active toddlers. Not being around farm animals often, our girls light-up with sheer excitement when they hold and pet the animals! Shannon captures their awe and pure happiness!

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